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Exclusive 1835 Republic of Texas Marine Corps Buttons


A wide forked tail banner begins on the right hand side of the button, then, near the bottom of the button, large letters are stamped in the banner T.M.C., which stands for TEXAS MARINE CORPS.

As the banner progresses to the left side, it slowly turns into the sleeve of a military coat, with two tiny cuff buttons shown, then, at the cuff, a hand emerges which is holding a curved MARINE saber, a the curved saber progresses around the top of the button.  At the top center is a small inverted five pointed star, below that is an upright fouled anchor in the upright position, in the center, all with a lined background.

Similar in size to the TX NAVY BUTTONS, produced by Waterbury Button Co., stamped from brass then layered with 24k gold gilt, they are back stamped with the Waterbury logo, available with both coat and cuff/vest sizes.

These Marines buttons are the same size as the TX NAVY BUTTONS

Coat … $2.95 ea
Cuff/Vest … $2.50 ea

+ Ship & tax

These are only available here at Texian Traden Post!

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