Gold Bullet or Ball Buttons

Referred to as Bullet Buttons or Ball Buttons.   Gold Gilt finish.  Manufactured by Waterbury Button Co.


Item # Name Description Price USD


BBV Vest 24 Ligne
5/8 inch
$ 1.98 ea.*
BBC Coat 30 Ligne
3/4 inch
$ 2.20 ea.*

*Shipping charges also apply.
Texas Residents must add 8.25% Sales Tax.  


   Product Information –

Noted in the Henry Inventory of Sam Houston’s personal trunks, on January 14th, 1836.  Sam Houston had a set of 25 Ball Buttons, or Bullet Buttons, to wear interchangeably with the several dress coats, and the Frock coat that he had.   This would add a ‘Military appearance’ to his dress.   And, is probably why he is sometimes depicted as wearing an almost military looking coat.   Early-day Republic of Texas military uniforms also used the Ball, or Bullet Buttons until about mid 1836, when the Republic of Texas Army and Navy buttons became available.So, if you want to ‘spruce-up’ your civilian Frock coat, or dress coat, then you need a set of these Ball, or Bullet buttons to give you that ‘authentic’ look.

Also good for American Revolution military or civilian wear.

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