Mexican Army Buttons

Mexican Army Buttons

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MexicanButton MAC Mexican Army Coat 36 Ligne

$3.75 ea.*

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   Product Information:

Buttons of similar general pattern have been found in various campsites, and battle sites, of the Texas Revolution era, and the 1846 Mexican War era.  I am not sure exactly how early this button was in use, but it appears to be similar to those in use during the Texas Revolution and early Texas Statehood.  It will fill the need for quality uniform buttons for the growing number of “Soldado” re-enactors, as well as Historians and Militaria Collectors.

This type button features a Mexican Eagle in the center, facing forward, with its wings spread out to each side.  The head is turned to its left, and slightly raised, and holding a snake in its beak.  It is standing on a cactus and below that what appears to be an olive branch extends in an arc around the lower half of the button.  Written in an arc around the upper half of the button is the logo “REPUBLICA MEXICANA”.  The background has a fine lining.  The back stamp reads “Superior Quality”.  The button is made of stamped brass, with a military type shank and heavy back.  At present, it is available only in a coat size button, being 36 Ligne size, or approximately 23mm.  The finish is 24K Gold Gild.

For a reference, the Eagle and design of the button is similar to the designs illustrated on Mexican Flags of the Texas Revolution Army era in “Uniforms of the Alamo and the Texas Revolution” by Bruce Marshall, pgs. 66,69,71, and 73.

This is a striking button and should be of interest to various collectors, historians, and re-enactors.

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