Republic of Texas Army Staff Buttons


ITEM#           DESC                                                        Price
TESC   Tx Army Staff COAT   36 Ligne  23mm, Gold color … $2.95 ea
TASV   Tx Army Staff VEST    24 Ligne 5/8 in., Gold color … $2.50 ea
TAIC   Tx Army Infantry Coat   36 Ligne 23mm, Silver … $2.95 ea
TAIV   Tx Army Infantry Vest   24 Ligne  5/8 in., Silver … $2.50 ea

Product Information:

The Republic of Texas Army Staff and Infantry Buttons were originally issued in 1836. The design was used for over a year to outfit all of the various Texas Army forces, including Staff Officers, Dragoons, Cavalry, Artillery, Ordnance,  etc.   The buttons were made in White (silver) for the Infantry, and in Gold Gild, for all other branches.  The design features a five-pointed star in the center, outlined by a kind of bead work.  The background is a fine lined design with, in an arch, around the top of the button, the wording “REPUBLIC OF TEXAS”, and at the bottom the word “ARMY”.  This design was only kept for a little over a year, then an altogether different designed Staff button was adopted, along with individual buttons for all the other Army branches like Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, etc…  However, some of the buttons evidently continued to be worn right up into the Civil War Era.

Long and serious consideration and research (about 5 or 6 years) has gone into this project, to have this button re-produced, as faithfully as possible, to the original buttons.  The artwork and design is based on several old ‘original’ buttons in various collections.  As in the originals, the finish is White (silver) for Infantry and, 24K Gold Gild for all other branches.

Army Staffbutton

This is a really fine REPUBLIC OF TEXAS button and will fill a need for re-enactors, collectors, historians, movie producers, and a lot of other folks as well.   These buttons, with the Texas Star look great on jackets, blazers, and other clothing!

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